Himile Europe is equipped with the latest automated production machines to cover all needs of sidewall manufacturing, mold and container repair. For critical activities, we use purpose built machines which are developed and built by our parent company, Himile Science and Technology, providing a strong advantage compared to mass market equipment.

Our machines include:

  • CNC Turning machines (up to 1900mm diameter)
  • CNC Milling machines (3 and 4 axis, up to 1800mm diameter)
  • CNC Lettering engraving machines (up to 1200mm diameter)
  • EDM machines for tread pattern modification
  • EDM wire cutting machine (800mm x 600mm working table, up to 300mm thickness)
  • High power laser welder
  • CNC sidewall venting drilling machine
  • Sand blasting cabines
  • Chemical and ultrasonic cleaners