HIMILE Europe Kft. strives to be a one of the leading independent manufacturer of tire mold parts in Europe, representing Himile as a multinational, and multi-cultural organization.

HIMILE Europe brings value to Himile by further expanding the market share of Himile in the European tire mold field, diversifies the product portfolio of Himile, and generates sustained profitability for its shareholders.

Social responsibility

HIMILE Europe puts first the safety, health and well-being of its employees, and protecting the environment.

HIMILE Europe brings value to Europe, and Hungary within, by creating skilled jobs, and its specialized manufacturing technology. All employees are provided with the opportunity to work according to Himile principles, to learn, develop, and being recognized.

Our quality policy

Himile owes its success and customer recognition to the quality of its products, and reliability as a business partner. We deliver value to our customers by continuous improvement and innovation.

Himile Europe as the European representative of Himile, strives for keeping up the same high standards in product and service quality. The main areas of which are:

  • Delivering excellent quality products according the standards of our customers
  • Responding quickly to all customer queries
  • Putting delivery deadlines as first priority
  • Continuous innovation and improvement, with involvement of all employees.

Measuring equipment

Our temperature controlled measurement room is equipped with state of the art measurement equipment, including

  • Hexagon CMM with large measuring table
  • Laser TIR Measuring Machine
  • Optical Image Measuring Device
  • Curing press simulator for preload setting
  • EDM Wirecutting machine for high precision measuring templates