Products and Services

Products for the Tire Industry

Our workshop is equipped with the latest CNC machines and tools to produce tire mold components in a wide size range, including PCR, TBR, and some AGR.

Our products include:

  • Sidewall plates
  • Interchangeable panels
  • Bead rings
  • Clamping rings
  • Any other mold components
  • Custom made parts for tire production machinery

Analysis and inspection services

Our temperature controlled measurement room is equipped with latest measurement equipment, including

  • Hexagon CMM with large measuring table
  • Laser TIR Measuring Machine
  • Optical Image Measuring Device
  • Curing press simulator for preload setting
  • EDM Wire cutting machine for high precision measuring templates

Inspection services include:

  • Complete diagnosis of molds (all parts)
  • Complete diagnosis of containers
  • Run-out (TIR) laser measurement
  • Preload inspection of containers
  • Container leakage verification
  • 3D inspections

Mold repair, modification and maintenance

We provide repair, maintenance and modification services for

  • Aluminum and Steel Segments
  • Sidewall Plates and Bead Rings
  • Containers
  • All other mold parts

We perform the following modification, maintenance and repair activities:

  • Tread pattern modification
  • Dents repair and blasting (sand / glass bead)
  • Gaps repair and adjustment
  • Adjustment of container preload
  • Venting repair, modification
  • Replacing sipes
  • Lettering engraving modification
  • Laser welding and other welding technologies
  • Repairing S splits
  • Full refurbishing of containers
  • Any other modifications

Other Industries

In addition to production of tire molds, Himile Group is engaged in several other industrial sectors. We serve some of these clients directly in Europe, with the following products and services:

  • Manufacturing rings up to 1800mm diameter
  • Manufacturing custom mechanical parts
  • EDM wire cutting
  • Laser welding
  • Annealing (2500x1500x1500)
  • Sales and Business Development activities